Helping you hire exceptional people.

We help our clients with all types of staffing solutions by leveraging our industry knowledge and local network.


Jaspen has been helping clients hire by utilizing our industry knowledge & extensive network of candidates.

Jaspen is an extraordinary business partner that offers world-class customer service with astonishing flexibility and an outstanding degree of operational efficiency.

Maneuvering in an extremely tight labor market, where demand for workers far exceeds the labor supply; Jaspen’s fill rate has been exceedingly high relative to the competition. How do we know that? Our clients tell us!


What are the advantages of working with Jaspen?

Our vast network of candidates and connections.

Jaspen’s pipeline of qualified candidates is constantly growing. We can also reach into our community of passive candidates. Jaspen also receives referrals from current and previous candidates. Jaspen’s pipeline can help navigate talent shortages.

Jaspen is extremely adaptable.

We know how to recruit for the different industries we specialize in and easily navigate the recruiting process. If a candidate leaves the position prematurely, we can quickly and easily replace them, providing a seamless transition for your company.

You can “try” a candidate before committing to hiring them.

Working with Jaspen helps reduce the company’s risk when it comes to hiring new employees. New hire turnover is costly. Partnering with Jaspen can increase retention rates and decrease turnover costs.

We handle onboarding and payroll.

Jaspen handles temporary team member onboarding, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits.

Unparalleled industry & market knowledge.

Using Jaspen provides employers access to Jaspen’s understanding of active and passive candidates, local market trends, and salary ranges. We have worked with various operations and numerous industries, providing them with insight to help you identify and achieve your workforce goals.

These are some of the staffing needs we've helped clients address.

Hiring urgently: If your business has urgent hiring needs or is growing rapidly, Jaspen can help fill positions quickly. We can successfully help you quickly fill positions with qualified candidates. Our optimized hiring process places candidates faster, which means your new hire will be onboarded and providing value quickly.

Seasonal work: These positions only need to be filled during part of the year or need an increased number of employees during a specific period. Jaspen can get you the employees you need for the period that you need them.

Looking for specific skill sets: If you are looking to fill a position requiring a particular skill set, Jaspen can pre-screen, interview, and find qualified candidates.

Time restrictions: Filling a position can be a lengthy process (placing ads, reviewing resumes, interviewing, calling references). Partnering with Jaspen allows you to focus on your business and Jaspen to focus on the recruiting and hiring process.

Reduce overhead costs: An HR department is costly to fund; staff, space, recruitment, and hiring costs. We can significantly reduce the costs when it comes to the hiring process. Temporary employees are also not accompanied by the overhead costs associated with permanent employees, elevating the employer’s overhead costs.