Get to know Jaspen.

Jaspen was created with the mission of changing peoples lives and helping companies thrive.


Founded in September 2018, Jaspen is a minority-owned business that continues to grow both regionally as well as nationally.

When we embarked on this journey, the team at Jaspen set out to connect a community that was heavily impacted by the COVID crisis to businesses that have drastically lost a sizable part of their workforce. The massive government interventions to help alleviate the economic impact of COVID also led to many workers sitting out of the labor force for an extended period.

Jaspen was born out of a spirit of service to the community.

The Jaspen Executive Team, armed with the knowledge built over a decade of public service to the Haitian community in Indiana understood the employment challenges that existed in the community and was able to successfully connect our community to businesses that were in desperate need of workers.

With a strong commitment to world-class customer service and a laser-focus corporate strategy on growth beyond its borders, Jaspen and its staff understand the critical role they play in bridging the gap between its clients and those who seek to secure a job in an economy that calls for extraordinary flexibility. 

To develop a sustainable competitive business model, Jaspen tapped into the community business leaders to build long-lasting business relationships.  We leverage our resource strength to directly impact clients’ needs by creating solutions that are suitable and applicable to their specific needs. We seek to place the best candidates with the most suitable work schedule. 


Meet the people that make Jaspen great.

Moise Duge


Alex Duge


Leonce Jean-Baptiste

VP, Sales & Marketing

Aslin Joseph

Operations Leader

Guito Jean

Washington Branch Manager

Jenny Menelas

Business Coordinator
Sales & Marketing

Anne Celestin-Duge

Accounts Payable Specialist

Gidell Vavick


Francesca Paul

Payroll Administrator

Jill Jean-Baptiste

Payroll Manager

Beatriz Castillo

Office Administrator

Tanira Gay

KY Office Administrator

Evelyne A Duge

Regional Manager

Daniel Duge

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Volcy Guerrero

Washington Administrative Assistant

Nathalie Nonez

Eastside Administrative Assistant