Learn about what we do.

We provide high-quality, professional staffing solutions.


Jaspen offers all end-to-end staffing solutions that cover a range of services such as:

  • Flexibility in accommodating your most urgent job order needs.
  • Work to develop deep knowledge about client workload needs
  • Conduct critical analysis and determine workforce requirements
  • Conduct different levels of interviews and shortlisting candidates
  • Generate contracts and keep an eye on legal issues.
  • Detailed knowledge about the potential candidates’ background history.
  • Conduct training in case of any gaps.
  • Follow-up and checking the performance of temporary workers.


Our specialties include:

 Warehousing / Distribution


Forklift Operators 

Pick / Pack


Customer Service 

We make the process easy for you with professional, personalized care.

At Jaspen we offer:

  • On-demand staffing solutions designed around your needs for any shift.
  • A highly trained and professional service team dedicated to quick responses and positive results.
  • A thorough candidate screening process.

At Jaspen, we focus on delivering the right employee fit on the first attempt, so employers can do what they do best– run their business.

We look forward to offering a helping hand in finding an incredible person for your need!

Whatever your staffing needs, we have the personalized solution for you.

Temporary Staffing

With Jaspen, you get the people you need, when you need them, to cover seasonal peaks, leaves of absence, vacations, and job vacancies. Using a contract or temporary staffing agency to source employees can greatly reduce your hiring cost, lower the risk of hiring mistakes, and minimize your paperwork burden.  

Our thorough candidate screening process includes skill assessments for potential employees, local and national background checks, job reference checks, drug testing, and safety orientations.


With our temporary staffing solutions, you can test out an employee for a short-term period before making a commitment to bringing them on full-time. This provides you with the opportunity to determine whether you really need to hire a new full-time employee.

After receiving qualified applications and a skills assessment, all candidates are then interviewed by a trained recruiter. If the needs of our clients match up with the needs of a prospective employee, the employee then completes our orientation program before being considered for work assignments and then completes your own customized orientation upon request.

Direct Placement

When organizations need to hire quickly and effectively, Jaspen provides proficiency in shortening that process. A direct hire is an employee on your organization’s payroll which allows you to avoid the continuity of cost associated with contract to hire candidates.

This also means greater buy-in into your company’s goal and culture, which can be more challenging to achieve with a temporary or contract worker. Employee with greater buy-in tends to be more engaged at work which contributes to higher productivity and greater longevity.

Since a direct hire is signing on with your company for the foreseeable future, organizations can comfortably invest more resources in professional development and skills training. Organizations can also spend more time making sure they’re just the right culture fit to mesh with the other people on their team. The resulting feeling of belonging can breed a stronger sense of loyalty and commitment to your organization, which in turn can contribute to lower turnover.


What makes Jaspen different.

One of Jaspen’s key success factors is its connection to the community from which it came and has served for years. Our ability to quickly respond to orders and fill them is a testament to such a deep connection. Our people are around us! We know our people and our people trust us! Because of such connection, we’ve answered the most challenging job request and we’ve filled them up. 

Upon receiving an order, Jaspen immediately dispatches its recruiters to fill the job. We provide company-tailored orientation while ensuring that state compliance measures and labor requirements are met. 

Our training

Ensuring that all Jaspen employees are trained and ready to work is our top priority. Prior to final placement, Jaspen conducts both an internal and a client-specific orientation. Employees are provided with ample opportunity to evaluate the work and the environment in which they will be embedded.  

Our compliance

All potential employees complete a skill assessment test, undergo an interview process, participate in Jaspen’s internal orientation, and complete our drug screen requirements prior to being considered for a work assignment.

Our strategic goals

Our clients are highly satisfied with our level of service, attention to detail, and professionalism. As we place employees, we help them generate critical internal performance reports that help guide their hiring decision-making process. Our response rate and employee attendance rate have been best to none in the market – thanks to our transportation fleet.  


Jaspen currently operates in three different states as it continues to expand its operations.

Temporary and contract staffing employees work in a broad array of jobs, from industrial laborer to the chief executive. And their individual characteristics, as well as how they view their work, vary as widely as their occupational distribution.

37% of all temporary and contract employees work in the industrial sector. One of the top reasons for choosing Jaspen is because seasonal and temporary work provides a foot in the door and training.

Staffing firms in the state of Indiana employed 485,200 workers in Indiana. 49% of all temporary workers from the state of Indiana are employed in the industrial sector. 270,000 temporary employees work in the state of Kentucky, out of which 50% are employed in the industrial market.